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Editorial review


Pedro Castro Senior editor

The following review written by one of the Software Informer contributors applies to version 12.0
Ultrasurf can protect your privacy by allowing you to surf the Internet anonymously. Moreover, it can also let you avoid restrictions on your ISP and visit blocked websites. It works by creating a tunnel to a server, which will in turn provide the web contents.
The program can evade firewall protections and, as all the data related to your Internet activity will be encrypted, it will be very difficult to know what you have been doing on the web.
The program has a neat interface, which will probably pose no difficulty to any user. It just displays a list of available servers, from which you can select the fastest. It works with most popular web browsers, but it is specifically prepared to work with Internet Explorer. When the program is running, it will stay hidden on the System Tray while your browser connects to the Internet through it. Since the program’s executable file is portable, you can take it with you on an external memory device wherever you go.
In general, Ultrasurf is an effective tool to protect your privacy. Although initially created to avoid censorship in China, it seems that there are already methods to make it useless for this purpose. Unfortunately, while testing it, I noticed that my browsing speed decreased quite a bit.


  • It is easy to use.
  • It is portable.
  • It evades firewalls.
  • It uses an encrypted data connection.


  • It slowed down my connection.

What's new in version 14.0

What’s New

1. Add support for Windows 8.1

2. Display this help for first time use and after a reset

3. Solve the issue where Ultrasurf can not connect in certain network environments

4. Fixed the disconnect issue

What's new in version 13.0

1. Add support for Windows 8.1
2. Solve the issue where Ultrasurf can not connect in certain network environments
3. Fixed the disconnect issue

Publisher's description

Ultrasurf lets you bypass Internet censorship in your college or company network. It uses end-to-end encryption to protect your data transfer from being seen by third parties. The program can be run directly from a USB drive - you need not install any application on your (or your company's) computer.

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